Tips for Maintaining a Used Vehicle

Posted Wednesday, Nov 23, 2022

Each day brings an increase in the cost of all commodities. Everybody has the goal of having their own car. However, despite the improvement in the economy, most people still consider this to be a dream. Buying a new automobile is often out of the question for many individuals, thus the best way for them to realise their ambitions is to acquire used cars.

It is crucial to maintain your used car properly, just like you would a new one. Maintaining your car will improve its performance and keep you safer while driving. Additionally, the cost of the car the car maintenance service is really reduced over time. Here are some pointers for maintaining a used vehicle:

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Routine oil changes

One of the dirtiest tasks in vehicle maintenance is changing your oil, but it may also be the most satisfying. Despite the exorbitant cost, you should get your oil changed four to five times a year at the very least. You can reduce the cost by making the change yourself. It will undoubtedly lengthen the life of your vehicle. When your engine is hot, however, you should never change your oil.

Proper air filter cleaning

In older vehicles with carbureted engines, clogged air filters can cause a 14% reduction in gas mileage. Therefore, you must change or clean the air filters after every 12 months or 12,000 miles.

Inflated tyres

Always check the tyre pressure, including the spare, at least once every month. This reduces wear and tear and improves fuel efficiency. Low tyre pressure can increase fuel consumption by 4%–6% in your car.

Maintenance of batteries

The battery needs to be properly maintained if you want your automobile to perform smoothly for an extended period of time. The battery life can be increased with routine servicing and a straightforward visual inspection at regular intervals.

Radiator Cleanup

For maximum performance, the cooling system and radiator in your car must be kept clean. Your car's radiator accumulates deposits via normal wear and use, which might interfere with the cooling system. A fast and affordable approach to keep your system in good repair is to flush your radiators.

Putting a good gloss on it

Your car needs to have good exterior maintenance in addition to the inside components. Instead of choosing less expensive solutions like hand soap, dishwashing detergent, or household glass cleaners, which can also take off the protective wax, choose products made specifically for cars.

Frequently check the spark plugs and belts

Make it a point to frequently inspect the spark plugs and engine belts when you buy used automobiles. Because you may never be sure when these might become upset and cause serious issues with the engine.

Never ignore your car's warning lights

Make it a point to never ignore the car's blinking warning lights if you want to maintain it running smoothly and like new. These warning lights indicate when the engine needs to be serviced, when the gasoline tank needs to be refilled, etc. Whatever they may be, you should never disregard them because they are there to assist you.

These used car maintenance suggestions will keep your vehicle in good condition, improve its fuel economy, and preserve its value.

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